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W Talk

5 Tips for Struggling With Envy

We understand that ‘tis the season to be jolly‘, but before we delve right into the festive season, there are some things we have to deal with and simply cannot travel with us into 2016. If you are someone who struggles with envy, watches from the side lines at the lives of others wishing that […]

Tips On Discovering Purpose

She wakes up. She is miserable on the jubilee line. She drags herself to work. She comes home. She cooks. She cleans. She takes care of her home. She watches TV. She goes to bed and dreams what only seems to remain as dreams. She does this again the next day. It becomes her routine. She is […]

Dealing with Difficult Friendships

It has often been said that if you find two or three loyal friends you are blessed. Friendships can be turbulent relationships filled with both joy and sorrow. As you graduate from the gossip of the school corridors and navigate your twenties and early thirties, it is a time of great discovery; discovery of yourself. Whilst this […]

5 Tips for Handling A Difficult Workplace

Many of us spend more time at work than we do at home or with loved ones. Even if you absolutely love what you do; it can be extremely difficult if you work in a stressful or poisonous working environment and if not addressed can impact your health and rest of your life. Here at […]

6 Tips for When Things Aren’t Going Your Way

What do you do when things aren’t going your way? It can be pretty discouraging. However, the sad truth is that many give up at this point and never actually go on to fulfil or accomplish what they were more than capable of achieving. It’s all well and good, listening, reading or being inspired by […]

4 Things We Need to Know About Failure

When you have come out of a broken marriage, failed an important exam, messed up a business meeting that you prepared for, it’s the worst. When you fail after you have put everything into it and you still do not receive the desired results; it can be soul crushing. Failure is one of life’s hardest pills […]

10 Tips To Feel More Confident in a Meeting

When developing your career or growing your business; meetings are inevitable and often unavoidable. Meeting new people can not only develop your career or business, it can build upon your current skill set and widen your network.  However, for some preparing or attending a meeting is not their idea of fun, they dread it and […]

3 Ways to Make Mondays Better

Mondays can be the worst day of the week for some, and the best day of the week for others. The difference between loving Mondays and hating Mondays appears to be dependent upon whether you love or hate what you do. They say that “if you love what you do then you will never work […]

Fearless Living

I finished and completed the New York Bar in July 2011, I was called to the bar in November 2012 was supposed to be excited and pumped up ready for my legal adventure, however, all I felt was fear. Isn’t it funny how much we fear the unknown? I mean, I had done everything “correctly”, […]

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