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3 Ways to Make Mondays Better

Mondays can be the worst day of the week for some, and the best day of the week for others. The difference between loving Mondays and hating Mondays appears to be dependent upon whether you love or hate what you do. They say that “if you love what you do then you will never work another day in your life”…if this be the case and quite possibly it is the case, then surely we must do what we love every day, irrespective of whether we can make an income from what we do. We put together three simple things to help you do this.

Do what you love every day.

The first thing is to make it a practice to do what you love every day, whether you make money from it or not, whether anyone recognises it or acknowledges it or not. Incorporate it into your routine. If you love writing, write every day. If you love singing, sing every day, read every day; whatever it is that you love to do, do it every day. We get so caught up on whether what we love to do can make us money, so much so, that we begin to focus on what is making us money rather than what is making us happy. Doing what you love to do every day will make your world brighter.

Don’t focus on applause.

Focussing on others to validate what you love to do is a sure fire way to turn your hobby into a burden. You should put the opinions of others aside, whether they get it or not becomes a non-issue. Enjoy the moments of doing what you love. Wande Alugo in her article ‘Allowing Internet Likes to Define Your Happiness’ was transparent about how her YouTube hobby became a burden when she began to focus on the reaction to her videos or blogs. Enjoy doing what you love for you, not for others.

Fund your passion with you Job.

Until your passion becomes your job. If you are fortunate to make money from what you love, that’s fabulous. Don’t settle with that, continue to do practice points 1 and 2. However, if that is not the objective or you are not quite there yet, fund your passion with you day job…if you love dancing, enrol into dance classes with the money you make from work. Want to start a blog, hire a web designer and pay for it using your job. Using your job to fund your passion, gives purpose to your job.

Why hate Mondays? Mondays are another opportunity to love what you do and do it.


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