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5 Tips for Handling A Difficult Workplace

Many of us spend more time at work than we do at home or with loved ones. Even if you absolutely love what you do; it can be extremely difficult if you work in a stressful or poisonous working environment and if not addressed can impact your health and rest of your life. Here at W Talk we are all about living an abundant life which means enjoying where we spend most of time and with whom we spend the most of our time. Whether you have a demanding boss, are working to extremely tight deadlines or are struggling in some capacity at work; we put together 5 tips to help you navigate this storm.

Remain Calm

Becoming anxious about the situation will only worsen it. It is important that you remain calm throughout the day to get some perspective. Go for a long walk at lunchtime or whenever you get some free time, away from your desk and the people at work to clear you head and calm down.

Take Constructive Criticism 

This can be difficult, especially if it coming from a person who is not your biggest fan. However, constructive criticism can be very useful to you and your career as it can highlight areas that you can work on which will eventually work in your favour. So take the points for improvement, if these are not readily available to you, then ask your manager for some one on one time to track your progress. Knowing how well you are doing or not doing at work will allow you to set clear goals and give you the confidence to stick to those goals. So take the constructive criticism.

Remain Positive

You know this is one of our favourites – remain positive.  Expecting the worst to happen when you’re overwhelmed at work, is unhelpful. Encourage and empower yourself with what you do well. This will give you that confidence boost to work through this difficult time at work.

Talk to Someone  

If you are really struggling you do not need to suffer in silence for fear that it will affect your career; talk to someone. Confide in someone who can help you and offer you some advice.

Work Diligently 

Work well. There isn’t anything better than consistent hard work. Put the things in motion, stay a little later or arrive slightly earlier; put the things in motion where you can produce work to a high standard and make it happen. Hopefully, you’ll become so successful that you will forget this season ever happened.

Our careers and businesses are important to us ladies, look out for more the W TALK network on this topic. In the meantime have you downloaded the WTALK SHOW podcast episode titled ‘The Career Climb’ ? You may also enjoy our article on 10 Tips to Feel More Confident in a Meeting.

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