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8 Tips for Reading Your Bible

Life’s a funny thing; no one knows what it will throw at us. Even if you consider yourself a control freak, there are some things in life that you just do not have control over. One thing, we do have control over, however, is our response to life. We can’t control what others may think […]

2.4 children, the church & me.

The ideal picture of the church family today tends to look a little like this: a dashingly handsome man wearing chinos, a doting and beautiful wife by his side and super cute kids. Okay, maybe the chinos were a slight exaggeration, and maybe we only see those types of images on social media, however, this […]

But I Love Him, Ep3 – Commentary

So Tolu is actually the side chick? Is this all an elaborate cover up? Well, what did she expect from a man that cheats on his friend’ s wife? Monogamous exclusivity? In the words of our allies across the pond, Tolu is tripping.   For those of us not as well versed in the slang of […]

But I Love Him, Ep2 – Commentary

What constitutes infidelity has been heavily debated for a number of years. For many, infidelity has to involve  sexual intercourse but for others even the yielding of yourself emotionally constitutes cheating. Granted cheating is difficult to define but I would argue that Tolu is cheating on Jide on the premise that she’s betraying Jide’s expectations […]

But I Love Him – Ep1, Commentary

Exodus 20: 17   Good men are hard to find – you know that, I know that and Tolu knows that, hence her territorial antics on the day of her friend’s wedding and yet she still fell in love with another.  Does it sting more because we know her husband is a pastor? A little […]

Women in Marriage – Love, Balance or Tolerance?

My experience of marriage was that I realised that I should be quick at forgiving. I use the word “quick” because the more I delay in forgiving, the more I get upset and frustrated which then leads to bitterness, then keeping malice (no communication) and making it hard to forgive. It is very hard to […]

Female Sexuality & the Church

Recently, my friend found some lustful messages from a boy to her 15 year old daughter. Although it was both strange and uncomfortable to be faced with such explicit evidence that “my baby” was no longer a little girl, that was not what made me close my eyes and fight the urge to interrupt her […]

A False Balance

The principle of balance stems from in the beginning when the earth was formed, with the earth tilted at  a certain angle and when God rested on the seventh day.  The justice system, the quality of being fair and reasonable. Simply put, the law requires balance for things to be fair and where there is […]

3 Things that Damage Our Relationships

One thing that is a common need for every human being, is the desire to belong. Every person, irrespective of what they believe, wants to feel connected. Relationships are at the core of that need. Now we know that social media in the last decade has promoted the narrative that we are all more connected […]

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