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5 Tips for Handling A Difficult Workplace

Many of us spend more time at work than we do at home or with loved ones. Even if you absolutely love what you do; it can be extremely difficult if you work in a stressful or poisonous working environment and if not addressed can impact your health and rest of your life. Here at […]

6 Tips for When Things Aren’t Going Your Way

What do you do when things aren’t going your way? It can be pretty discouraging. However, the sad truth is that many give up at this point and never actually go on to fulfil or accomplish what they were more than capable of achieving. It’s all well and good, listening, reading or being inspired by […]

4 Things We Need to Know About Failure

When you have come out of a broken marriage, failed an important exam, messed up a business meeting that you prepared for, it’s the worst. When you fail after you have put everything into it and you still do not receive the desired results; it can be soul crushing. Failure is one of life’s hardest pills […]

5 Things that Prevent Us from Seeing our True Worth

We are constantly surrounded by things and people that tell us what worth should attributed to, what value should be placed on how we look, what our job title is, what car we drive, or what we have achieved by any given age. We are constantly measuring our worth as women against socially constructed standards, […]

10 Tips To Feel More Confident in a Meeting

When developing your career or growing your business; meetings are inevitable and often unavoidable. Meeting new people can not only develop your career or business, it can build upon your current skill set and widen your network.  However, for some preparing or attending a meeting is not their idea of fun, they dread it and […]

3 Ways to Make Mondays Better

Mondays can be the worst day of the week for some, and the best day of the week for others. The difference between loving Mondays and hating Mondays appears to be dependent upon whether you love or hate what you do. They say that “if you love what you do then you will never work […]

Single on Valentine’s Day

It’s that time of year, yes… Valentine’s Day! Some of you just go all fuzzy at the thought of February 14th’s over indulgence of hearts, chocolates, candles, flowers, love, love and more love. However, for others, Valentine’s Day conjures up all sorts of horrible emotions that poke their head out with a vengeance making you […]

Allowing ‘Internet Likes’ to Define Your Happiness

The Internet has created an opportunity for us to connect like never before. Distance no longer defines contact or our ability to communicate with one another. However, there can be a dark side, a side where we look to social media interaction to define us or validate us. When we become dependant on social networks […]

Jumping Into the Unknown – You First

Have you ever watched those rom com films, where there is that typical scene where a group of friends jump off the top of a massive cliff into the water… for fun? I have always been fascinated with the person who jumps first. How many of us wait for the person in front to jump first, […]

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