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5 Things that Prevent Us from Seeing our True Worth

We are constantly surrounded by things and people that tell us what worth should attributed to, what value should be placed on how we look, what our job title is, what car we drive, or what we have achieved by any given age. We are constantly measuring our worth as women against socially constructed standards, but is this right?

Depending on our life experiences to date, some deem themselves less “worthy” than others, but can you place a price tag on who you are as person. If you don’t understand your worth, you will nearly always undersell yourself, settling for less than you deserve.

Late Dr Myles Munroe said that  when you don’t understand the purpose of a thing, abuse is enviable“.

The same is true for worth. The truth is, we have been fearfully and wonderfully made, every human being has been created for a purpose and is a completely unique entity. Despite this truth, not many of us feel that way in our everyday lives. This is because there are number of things that prevent us from accepting our worth as women. We have outlined them below; it’s time to get rid of these things so we can see clearly.

The Wrong Relationship

Being in the wrong relationship is a sure fire way of preventing yourself from seeing your truth worth. Having a partner that is constantly putting you down or undermining who you are as person is not only unhealthy it usually results in a distorted perception of who you are. Come out of that toxic relationship today and be free.

Past Mistakes

We have all been there, messed up or made some kind of mistake. At times we allow those mistakes to define us, and that’s not right. We need to know that our worth is not attached to our past mistakes, let it go and move on, knowing and accepting that we are not our mistakes.

The Wrong Job

People generally accept the notion that your job is who you are . When asked who you are, people tend to respond with their job title, lawyer, doctor, writer, artist. However, if you feel like you’re not in the right career, it can feel like you’re not worth anything because you feel like you haven’t achieved anything. However, this notion is inherently flawed because you what you do is not who you are.


The feeling of loneliness can be really difficult to shift and can make you feel like you are not worth being around. This is not true. Be empowered, learn to enjoy your own company. Take yourself to the cinema, or to dinner; getting to know who you are and what you’re worth.

 Social media

At times social media can often make you feel like you’re missing out on something, like you haven’t achieved anything because you haven’t changed your relationship status to ‘engaged’ or posted your latest business endeavour. Again these things do not define or attribute worth to you.

Understanding your worth and value as a person is the start of a full and healthy life. Understand you’re worth and don’t settle for any less. You’re worth more…


Photography by Daniele Zedda

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