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10 Tips To Feel More Confident in a Meeting

When developing your career or growing your business; meetings are inevitable and often unavoidable. Meeting new people can not only develop your career or business, it can build upon your current skill set and widen your network.  However, for some preparing or attending a meeting is not their idea of fun, they dread it and avoid it at all costs. We put together 10 tips to help you feel more confident at your next meeting.

Arrive Early  

There isn’t anything worse than turning up to an important meeting flustered and sweaty; arrive a few minutes early to give yourself the opportunity to collect your thoughts and get comfortable with your surroundings. The more comfortable you are, the more confident you’ll feel.

Come Prepared

Research research research, having a better understanding of the topics that will be discussed is a sure fire way to feel more confident. If there is an agenda available, request it before hand so that you have an opportunity to go through it within the comfort of your own home or office.

Research Your Attendees

Yes, that’s right cyber stalk your fellow attendees and fully expect that they have cyber stalked you. Learn names and if possible, interests. If you’re meeting someone for the first time, calling them by name and creating a common bond around a shared interest is a great way of building a lasting connection.

Have A Desired Outcome

It is important to have in mind what your ideal outcome of the meeting is, giving purpose to a thing always makes that thing easier to understand or endure. The same is true here, understand why you are meeting that person, whether it be to expand your business or assist someone else with theirs; always have the purpose of the meeting in mind.

Have 3 Possible Prepared Contributions

From your research and understanding the purpose of the meeting you should be able to prepare three possible contributions. Something you can contribute to the meeting. Therefore, if at the time your mind goes blank you have three things already prepared and written down that you can draw from.

Eat Prior To The Meeting

There’s nothing worse than your stomach grumbling audibly at an important meeting, it shifts your focus and makes you even more nervous. Eat beforehand, not anything too big but a full salad perhaps so that you don’t feel sluggish or hungry.

Eat a Mint

You don’t want to be conscious about your breath, if you are conscious; you won’t speak up confidently.

Use The Loo 

Use the loo before the meeting, just that you are more comfortable and relaxed.

Believe that you’re qualified 

Believe that you can contribute positively to the meeting.

Relax Relax Relax


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