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But I Love Him, Ep3 – Commentary

So Tolu is actually the side chick? Is this all an elaborate cover up?

Well, what did she expect from a man that cheats on his friend’ s wife? Monogamous exclusivity? In the words of our allies across the pond, Tolu is tripping.   For those of us not as well versed in the slang of the day, “tripping” means to say or do something irrational, thoughtless, or just plain stupid.

Tripping might even be an understatement, because Tolu has lost her mind as evidenced by   the jealousy towards Cassy and the confidence in Adrian. The jealousy is somewhat a natural response to finding out that the man who you thought was in love with you is in fact in love with another but the confidence is definitely misplaced.  Adrian has given her no guarantee of future commitment, uses the word “friend” to forcefully thrust her back to reality , flaunts his actual woman at dinner and then reveals that both himself and Cassy have been together for a year. This is bad, real bad Michael Jackson (apologies if you didn’t get that reference”)

Tolu then breaks into a series of questions but I think deep down she knows she is being strung along.  She knows she is being used for comfort . She knows she is being used for sex. She knows that the seams at which this fantasy she has created with Adrian hinges on,  will soon unravel. Her unease resounds with the phrase, “we need to talk”.

Will Tolu and Adrian actually have that talk or will they use sex to mask  the cracks clearly showing in their situationship?

Find out on the next episode of  BUTiLOVEHim

Words by Cristine Edusi

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