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Biblical Heroine, Lydia

Heroine Devotional, Week 3 – Tobi Olujinmi takes a closer look at the life of Lydia. Lydia only has 4 verses dedicated to her in scripture, but how influential was she in the early Church?

But I Love Him, Ep3 – Commentary

So Tolu is actually the side chick? Is this all an elaborate cover up? Well, what did she expect from a man that cheats on his friend’ s wife? Monogamous exclusivity? In the words of our allies across the pond, Tolu is tripping.   For those of us not as well versed in the slang of […]

What to do while you wait for yours?

I remember when I was younger, my parents were always telling me how impatient I was, and how I didn’t like waiting…for anything. I was that child that asked ‘Are we nearly there yet’ a dozen times even though it wasn’t going to bring me any closer to my destination. I’m sure my parents were […]

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