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Biblical Heroine, Lydia

Heroine Devotional, Week 3 – Tobi Olujinmi takes a closer look at the life of Lydia. Lydia only has 4 verses dedicated to her in scripture, but how influential was she in the early Church?

But I Love Him, Ep3 – Commentary

So Tolu is actually the side chick? Is this all an elaborate cover up? Well, what did she expect from a man that cheats on his friend’ s wife? Monogamous exclusivity? In the words of our allies across the pond, Tolu is tripping.   For those of us not as well versed in the slang of […]

Doubting Yourself

‘I can’t…erm no hun..you can..just take the T off’. You may experience it as anxiety, uncertainty, an wavering emotion over a decision you have to make, or that life isn’t as you envisioned it to be. I simply define it as the indecision between belief and unbelief.  I love a particular movie quote from one […]

I Want A Perfect Life

We want the perfect friendships, relationships, marriages, careers, nicely cleaned houses and well behaved children…but most of us are aware of the worst kept secret; that is not life. Although the Internet would like to have us believe that most marriages exist without issues and everyone gets that career promotion quite easily; the reality is […]

3 Things to Stop Saying to Singles

Ok, so we will get right to it. Three things to stop saying to singles. Even when it is coming from a great place. Here are three things that we wish everyone would stop saying. When are you getting married? Nearly every single woman has had this question asked by someone. “When are you getting […]

3 Ways to Stay Motivated at Work

If you’re a ‘Suits’ lover, then you are fully aware of Rachel Zane. Rachel is the paralegal trying to be Attorney who started an office romance and has outfits that makes you want to stop watching Suits and start online shopping. Despite the highs and lows, Rachel has managed to remain motivated at work. Now, […]

Tips On Discovering Purpose

She wakes up. She is miserable on the jubilee line. She drags herself to work. She comes home. She cooks. She cleans. She takes care of her home. She watches TV. She goes to bed and dreams what only seems to remain as dreams. She does this again the next day. It becomes her routine. She is […]

5 Things that Prevent Us from Seeing our True Worth

We are constantly surrounded by things and people that tell us what worth should attributed to, what value should be placed on how we look, what our job title is, what car we drive, or what we have achieved by any given age. We are constantly measuring our worth as women against socially constructed standards, […]

Single on Valentine’s Day

It’s that time of year, yes… Valentine’s Day! Some of you just go all fuzzy at the thought of February 14th’s over indulgence of hearts, chocolates, candles, flowers, love, love and more love. However, for others, Valentine’s Day conjures up all sorts of horrible emotions that poke their head out with a vengeance making you […]

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