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Tobi Olujinmi

W TALK Podcast: Should You Support Your Friend’s Business?

Most people have a side hustle and new businesses are popping up every day. Should we support every business idea our friends start? Should we support every black business? The Co-Hosts discuss.

Biblical Heroine, Lydia

Heroine Devotional, Week 3 – Tobi Olujinmi takes a closer look at the life of Lydia. Lydia only has 4 verses dedicated to her in scripture, but how influential was she in the early Church?

But I Love Him, Ep3 – Commentary

So Tolu is actually the side chick? Is this all an elaborate cover up? Well, what did she expect from a man that cheats on his friend’ s wife? Monogamous exclusivity? In the words of our allies across the pond, Tolu is tripping.   For those of us not as well versed in the slang of […]

Female Sexuality & the Church

Recently, my friend found some lustful messages from a boy to her 15 year old daughter. Although it was both strange and uncomfortable to be faced with such explicit evidence that “my baby” was no longer a little girl, that was not what made me close my eyes and fight the urge to interrupt her […]

I Want A Perfect Life

We want the perfect friendships, relationships, marriages, careers, nicely cleaned houses and well behaved children…but most of us are aware of the worst kept secret; that is not life. Although the Internet would like to have us believe that most marriages exist without issues and everyone gets that career promotion quite easily; the reality is […]

5 Tips for Struggling With Envy

We understand that ‘tis the season to be jolly‘, but before we delve right into the festive season, there are some things we have to deal with and simply cannot travel with us into 2016. If you are someone who struggles with envy, watches from the side lines at the lives of others wishing that […]

Tips On Discovering Purpose

She wakes up. She is miserable on the jubilee line. She drags herself to work. She comes home. She cooks. She cleans. She takes care of her home. She watches TV. She goes to bed and dreams what only seems to remain as dreams. She does this again the next day. It becomes her routine. She is […]

Dealing with Difficult Friendships

It has often been said that if you find two or three loyal friends you are blessed. Friendships can be turbulent relationships filled with both joy and sorrow. As you graduate from the gossip of the school corridors and navigate your twenties and early thirties, it is a time of great discovery; discovery of yourself. Whilst this […]

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