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She wakes up. She is miserable on the jubilee line. She drags herself to work. She comes home. She cooks. She cleans. She takes care of her home. She watches TV. She goes to bed and dreams what only seems to remain as dreams. She does this again the next day. It becomes her routine. She is left unsatisfied and frustrated. How different life would be, if she knew that she was created for a specific purpose, that her dreams could actually become her reality and that she was set apart from every other person.

There is a certain level of confidence that you receive when you know you are walking in your true identity and purpose. Whether someone demonstrates confidence by what they wear, how they walk or talk, being decisive, trying new things, or staying in control when things get challenging.  A person with real confidence lives life to its fullest and with  true meaning. Confidence is internal and those people who ‘walk on purpose’ by maximising their potential, epitomise this.

On the flip side, there is nothing more devastating than watching someone coast through life on gear one well under their potential.  A friend of mine often describes her state as being like, “a fish out of water.” Simply meaning that, she feels “out of her element.” ‘Why are you still working that Job?’ I wondered. Well the truth is many people suffer unnecessarily because they are forced to operate out of their element, and when this happens there is a pressure on them to be something that they are not. It is important for you to grasp the fact that your present purpose is never permanent. What you are doing right now may only be for a specific time. But if you don’t fulfill your call, you may never get to your destiny. Fulfilling our purpose releases us from the captivity of hopelessness and despair because there is nothing more rewarding than living a purpose filled life.

The greatest tragedy in life is not death, but a life without a purpose’- Dr Myles Monroe


So how does one discover their purpose without any limits? Below are some practical steps:

Question time! 

Finding your true passion is not as straightforward as it seems. For some, it does come naturally, but for most, you have to ask yourself some questions identify what you were born to do.  I always find that a more analytical approach to discovering your purpose is like going on a date, you ask him or her questions! For example, what is your passion? Because at times your passion stems from your purpose and are “purpose-indicators”. Other questions one can ask themselves are: what fulfills you? What pains you? What makes you stand out? What drives you? What would you do for free? What would you do if you weren’t afraid? What do people always recognise about you?  What dreams do you hope will come to pass? What sparks your creativity? Is there something you have always wanted to do but just never felt you could or had the time? The list is endless but the answers are there.

Identify what is holding you back

Identify what is holding you back from pursuing your purpose, whether that be fear, opinion of others, procrastination, lack of funds. I have come to conclude that whatever is stopping you is merely just excuses….you can overcome the excuse and make something happen.

Do not place limits

Do not place limits on your purpose because of comparison. There is a reason why you are an extrovert or an introvert, a ‘geek’, a ‘wiz-kid’, ‘a techie’, ‘the joker’ or the ‘serious one’. Did you know that most well-known speakers are introverts. In fact, as you identify your purpose it will make a way for you to be comfortable in who you are.

Past experiences redefined.

At times your past experiences can play a significant role in your overall purpose. When my dad passed away 4 years ago, I realised more than ever that a part of my purpose was to build up people, especially women. The trial I faced activated that strong tug within me to encourage and show compassion towards those in need. One can just define it as a life experience trauma, but I redefined it as a gift that can sometimes be discovered through trials. Just how diamonds are produced through pressure- you are valuable and no storm can stop you from being the person that you was created to be.

Don’t allow your mind to be over-crowded by people’s opinion of your ‘ability. 

The purpose for your life has already been mapped out for you to identify and pursue, so don’t allow others to play with your jigsaw.

Be Available

As harsh as it sounds, if you do not attempt to pursue your purpose, another may rise up and take that place. Let’s face it, it’s easy to become a spectator and watch others just pave the way. I challenge you to step out your own boat!

Be aware of the people that surround you.

Why can’t you do it? Who told you that you can’t set up that business? Or you can’t get promoted. People that surround you, who are not building you up become fruitless. Pay attention here because many shall try to dissuade you from your purpose. Likewise, you can’t pursue your purpose by yourself; identify the people placed in your life specifically to build one another up. Understand that there is power in unity and people are placed in your life for the very thing of purpose.

Oh but darling, so what if you failed?

Do not allow past failures to determine your future. Yes, you failed in a particular thing, but does that stop you from trying again? If you have that mind set, then you may very well just live a life of ‘what ifs’, but if you look beyond that, you will try that particular thing again.

I have discovered that if you can unlock the very treasure- your gift that lies within, then you’ve learned to create an environment that brings the best out of you and everyone else around you not only in your best days but also under the most difficult circumstances.

Words by Lara Jinadu


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