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5 Tips for Struggling With Envy

We understand that ‘tis the season to be jolly‘, but before we delve right into the festive season, there are some things we have to deal with and simply cannot travel with us into 2016.

If you are someone who struggles with envy, watches from the side lines at the lives of others wishing that you had their life than we hope that you will find this article helpful. We put together some tips to help you get passed the feeling of envy.

Focus on the good in your life.

Often times other people’s lives look more attractive than our own. Focussing on another’s life can be so distracting that you miss the gems in your own. Everyone has something that is going well in their own lives…focus on this. Meditate on the goodness in your life.

Remember that everyone has a different path.

Everyone has a different path and a different story. When you acknowledge this, comparison becomes futile. We have an article on comparing yourself with others, if you haven’t read it yet…definitely check it out.

Remember that you never know the whole story.

Social media is a collection of well edited lives on display and cannot be used as a yardstick to measure success or wholeness.

Much truth can be found in the process.

Whatever process you’re going through, find the secret gems in the process.

Your best is yet to come.

May sound cliché but it doesn’t prevent it from being true.

On a lighter note, watch out for the new W TALK Videos where some of the TALK SHOW Co-Hosts answered the question…If I Only Knew. The hilarious and honest videos will be released soon.


Photography by Cajssio Aberu

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