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3 Ways to Stay Motivated at Work

If you’re a ‘Suits’ lover, then you are fully aware of Rachel Zane. Rachel is the paralegal trying to be Attorney who started an office romance and has outfits that makes you want to stop watching Suits and start online shopping. Despite the highs and lows, Rachel has managed to remain motivated at work. Now, we have all been there, even in the jobs that we love and in our chosen careers we hit a low and just can’t manage to remain motivated. However, in order to progress professionally it is important that we are able to get pass these lows and keep going. We have put together three helpful tips to keep you motivated at work.

Get Involved in a New Project

One of the reasons why we lose motivation is the monotonous nature of what we are doing. You take the same route to work, sit at the same desk, have the same breakfast, interact with the same people and it can become really boring and thus difficult to remain motivated. However, one way to combat this is to get involved in a new project within your team, or a new case or account. We would encourage you to speak to colleagues and see what they’re working on and find a way to help out in some way. Not only will this expand your own skill set but it will give you bring some variety to your day. If this project doesn’t exist that perhaps find some inspiration and start a new project.

Remember the ‘Why’

Reminding yourself of the ‘Why’ always helps. Why are pursuing this career, is it to make a difference in the world? Is it to help those who are less fortunate? or Is it to get those bills paid? Either way, there must be a reason why you get up at the crack of dawn everyday and pursue your chosen career. If you remind yourself of the ‘Why’ it will give you that necessary boost that you need. You might want to create a small dream board and stick it on your desk and this will help you remember in those moments. It is always important to have a strong ‘Why’. If you haven’t got one, then you need to get one.

Be Social

You spend at lot of time at work and with the people you work with, it is a great idea to be sociable and get to know more about the people you work with. Now, we are not saying take the Rachel Zane approach and start an office romance but making friends at work always helps. They can encourage you, you have break up your day with a coffee break and a chat. In addition to this, it will make your environment a positive one and this will hopefully motivate you to work. So get social.




Image via Youtube, Suits episode

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