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3 Things to Stop Saying to Singles

Ok, so we will get right to it. Three things to stop saying to singles. Even when it is coming from a great place. Here are three things that we wish everyone would stop saying.

When are you getting married?

Nearly every single woman has had this question asked by someone. “When are you getting married?” “I don’t know, do you?” It is a really difficult question to hear often because frustratingly, the person very rarely knows he answer. Go and find a nice man, people say this like it is the same as finding a job or a holiday destination. Finding a life partner is a little different than finding a nice pair of shoes.

We think it shifts the focus to what the person doesn’t have as opposed to the blessings they do have.

The clock is ticking

Tick Tock Tick Tock…being constantly reminded of our biological clock places undue pressure on something most people have no control over. It can also cause a person to settle due to the pressure rather than keep their standards. If it is a woman’s desire to be married before having a child, letting them know that the clock is ticking is unhelpful.

We think its best to enjoy where you are right now. Have hope for the future whilst be in the present. Live life to fullest.

All your friends are getting married

This usually comes from well meaning relative, but is still really annoying because whilst we are happy for married friends it doesn’t have any bearing on the persons life. It is also suggest that we have failed in some way or form and singleness is not failure.

I’m sure there are annoying statements that can be added to list. Let us know yours.

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