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3 Misconceptions About Submission

The word ‘Submission’ must be one of the most abused, misused and misunderstood words today. It is often used men when attempting to find the ‘perfect’ woman. This in turn leads to women adjusting and conforming to a misdefined term as opposed to pursing the truth, providing context around the word submission. On the flip side, we have the rise of the woman who has made it her life’s mission to be anything other than submissive, viewing the word as oppressive and unkind in nature. In order to shed some more light on the word, we put together three misconceptions around the submission.

Women Submit to Men

Nowhere in the Bible does it stipulate or even suggest that women need to submit to men. The Bible speaks of women submitting to their husbands as their husbands in turn submit to God. This practically means that a woman is not required to submit to “Bob the Builder” by virtue of the fact that Bob is a man. On this basis,  biblical submission does not implicitly or explicitly suggest that women are the inferior being.

Submission is a One Way Street  

Scripture invites Men as it does Women into a life of submission. Men are invited to love their Wives as Christ loved the Church and if you believe in the Gospel of Jesus Christ you will agree that this is the greatest example of Submission. This means that God has invited genders to submit in order to have a loving marriage. It does not prevent either party from pursing purpose, in fact, this is something that is encouraged for both Men and Women.

Submission is a Weakness

Submission was never intended to be a “less than” position or a posture of weakness. On the contrary, it requires great strength to put aside your own ideas or plans and take on another. It is not intended to silence the woman, an extrovert can be submissive as it is not assessed by how vocal a lady is. It does not mean that a women can not offer up her own opinion or have or own thoughts but rather continue to grow, be educated, be empowered and submit her husband as invited by God.

What are your thoughts on Submission?


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