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Encounters Brought by the W TALK Network Starring Rita Balogun and Tapiwa Madovi.  Brand new romantic podcast series, created by Tobi Olujinmi, exploring faith, intimacy, and celibacy.   Julia is a 28-year-old career-driven, uncompromising Christian who is floored by the overwhelming chemistry she has with the handsome and mysterious football player Lucas- despite the fact he […]

W TALK Podcast: Should You Support Your Friend’s Business?

Most people have a side hustle and new businesses are popping up every day. Should we support every business idea our friends start? Should we support every black business? The Co-Hosts discuss.

8 Tips for Reading Your Bible

Life’s a funny thing; no one knows what it will throw at us. Even if you consider yourself a control freak, there are some things in life that you just do not have control over. One thing, we do have control over, however, is our response to life. We can’t control what others may think […]

Purity Talks

With Cherlene Wilson who is passionate about normalizing the narrative of sex within the Christian Community and the Church, through conversations and workshops. Purity Talks is available for streaming exclusively on the W TALK APP.   

2.4 children, the church & me.

The ideal picture of the church family today tends to look a little like this: a dashingly handsome man wearing chinos, a doting and beautiful wife by his side and super cute kids. Okay, maybe the chinos were a slight exaggeration, and maybe we only see those types of images on social media, however, this […]

I Want A Perfect Life

We want the perfect friendships, relationships, marriages, careers, nicely cleaned houses and well behaved children…but most of us are aware of the worst kept secret; that is not life. Although the Internet would like to have us believe that most marriages exist without issues and everyone gets that career promotion quite easily; the reality is […]

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