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We want the perfect friendships, relationships, marriages, careers, nicely cleaned houses and well behaved children…but most of us are aware of the worst kept secret; that is not life. Although the Internet would like to have us believe that most marriages exist without issues and everyone gets that career promotion quite easily; the reality is there can be some really difficult seasons in marriage, and before the promotion is a lot of rejection. As this year comes to an end, we are once again presented with the temptation to make sure that everything on the outside looks perfect. That, as long as the rest of the World is of the belief that we have our s**t together, then we probably do.

The thing is though, we think that most people want their outsides to look perfect so that it takes the attention away from what is happening internally. The irony is however, that unless your insides are in check (note that we didn’t use the word perfect), than it doesn’t really matter how your outsides look. In fact, to go one step further, we would submit that when your insides are in check than it doesn’t really matter what is happening around you; dirty house, crazy job, difficult friendship…your perspective changes towards those things because you have cleaned your lens, your insides.

Perspective is everything. If a Revival happens in you, it doesn’t matter what happens around you. People think changing what’s around them will make them happy and perhaps it will for a moment, until you are once again presented with the challenge of addressing what is happening internally.

True empowerment comes from within. You want a perfect life, if that exists…start from within.


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Photo via theEveryGirl.com

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