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W TALK Podcast: Dating in Your 30s

The W TALK Co-Hosts discuss dating in your 30s and share some of the pitfalls and their own experiences of dating in your 30s. They also debate when is a good time to have “the conversation”.

W TALK Podcast: What’s been happening?

It has been a while, but the ladies are back. In this episode, they share what has been happening with them personally – their careers, traveling, breakups and lessons.

Biblical Heroine, Phoebe

Heroine Devotional, Week 4 – Tobi Olujinmi takes a closer look at the life of Phoebe. Phoebe has fewer verses than Lydia but is recommended by Paul. Who was she?

Biblical Heroine, Lydia

Heroine Devotional, Week 3 – Tobi Olujinmi takes a closer look at the life of Lydia. Lydia only has 4 verses dedicated to her in scripture, but how influential was she in the early Church?

Biblical Heroine – Rahab

Heroine Devotional, Week 2 – Tobi Olujinmi takes a closer look at the life of Rahab. Rahab is known as the harlot who hid the spies and we suppose she is, but she is so much more than that and we explore all of it in this devotional.

Biblical Heroine – Miriam

For International Women’s Day, IWD…we begin our closer look at some lesser-known characters. Miriam is for the most part known as the sister of Moses, but we discover that she is so much more than that. We take lessons from her early life, her interaction with her family and her faith. To receive this week’s […]

Faith & Life Podcast: Wendy Alec

Tobi Olujinmi has a discussion with GOD TV, Founder, Wendy Alec. The two discuss her infamous books, Chronicles of the Brothers, the role that faith should play in the media…as well as faith after divorce.

Purity Talks

With Cherlene Wilson who is passionate about normalizing the narrative of sex within the Christian Community and the Church, through conversations and workshops. Purity Talks is available for streaming exclusively on the W TALK APP.   

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